Thursday, 24 February 2011

Windhoek outreach opportunities

We recently visited Windhoek, Namibia.  My husband and i really wanted to do something to help a needy orphanage but could find no information.  After much internet searching and talking to some of the locals, we found 2 orphanages in the very poorest parts of Katatura location.

The first one is called Hope Village and is relatively well-established.  Their needs are mostly for people to go and interact with the children because there are 10-15 children/caregiver.  They welcome volunteers.  They also need handyman type work in various areas.  There are 2 children with hydrocephalus who need a lot of attention and maybe some training for how to take care of them.

The second orphanage developed "by mistake" as children were brought to Maria and she just couldn't get anybody to take charge of them, not even police.  She now takes care of 26 orphans.  She has a well-built home to house them in but no day-to-day funding. Conditions are terrible.  Though they have electricity it wasn't working because she had no money to buy some more pre-paid electricity.  They need everything from the most basic necessities up.  Their wish list includes more mattresses (some of the kids sleep on the floor on makeshift beds), big pots to cook in, laundry detergent, nappies, etc.  They are in quite a desperate condition but are surviving by the grace of God.
I'm so grateful that we found a lady called Kaarina, who works for Macedonia Parish, who knew someone who knew about Maria.  Kaarina gave up her morning to take us around and help us find what we needed.

I have bank details for Maria.  She's called her orphanage Megameno Home.  Her bank account is 
Megameno Home
621 785 465 98, FNB, Ausspanplatz.
She's in Katatura on Pruim Str which comes off of Hans Dietrich Genscher Str.  The coordinates are 
The house has a sign on the outside with Megameno Home written on it.